See Without Eyes – The Glitch Mob

Melomaniacs. The Glitch Mob are back. New Album. New live show. They are ready smash dance floors in a big way! “See Without Eyes” is their first full album in 4 years. It was a long time, but worth the wait! “Enter Formless” smashes in with their classic sound. This track lets you know the feel for the album. Heavy, pulling on your emotions, all the while having such beautiful melodies you just cant help but groove to. “Take Me With You” follows the same path gaining more momentum and preparing you for the next smasher “Disintegrate Slowly”. First time I heard this I raged out in my apartment. The Glitch Mob showing they still know how to make that delicious heavy Glitchy bass we have come to love from them. This is a foot stomper and you will know what I mean when you play it.

Song placement can make albums flow really nicely and  “Keep on Breathing” is perfect to sit back and relax too.  But dont get too comfy. “Come Closer” ramps it back up with this really heavy but groovin track. There will be times you’re movin like a madman and then just like that you’ll slow down to this almost catatonic pace. “I Could be Anything” is the most beautiful song on the album in my opinion. Elohim’s vocals are incredible. “Interbeing” is another really nice mellow tracks placed nicely to set up the final few songs. “How Could This Be Wrong” was the first single and it delivers in a big way! The last three tracks, are a beautiful way to mellow out and finish with. Overall this album is a must get!

They have also began their new tour with their new set up Blade 2.0 and they debuted in Edmonton this last weekend. If you have seen these guys live before you know how incredible they are live. They are true showmen and know how to make an experience out of their music. If they are passing by you with Blade 2.0 do yourself a favour and make sure you are there. The set up is amazing. Each one has their own pad screen with a mini drumkit installed. Allowing them to make it a true live experience. As you can see in the picture it looks pretty damn awesome.

Katy On A Mission – Katy B

Alright its throwback time!!

This morning I put on a Dubstep essentials playlist for my impending run. One of the songs on the playlist is this absolute amazing tune by Katy B! Hearing her incredible vocals kick the track off brings me right back to 2010. The year I became a Basshead. 2010 was a big year of change for me and I began to get deeper into the electronic scene. The bass scene blew me away and after my first show (Excision at the Starlite Room) I cannonballed into the bass!

But back to the song shall we? Do you have it on yet? Ok if you dont no worries but do it now! Ill wait :)……….ok now that its on lets get into it! If your a dub fan this really has it all. A solid build up, that wobble that just makes your body vibe and groove so fluid. Katy’s vocals bring elegance and make this a complete banger! Hopefully this takes you back to those early days friends!

The Great White Caron

LoveSauce – Spring ’18


Love: Nature’s way of tricking us into reproducing. 
Sauce: Mama’s way of tricking us into eating our greens.

These playlists are designed to be shared, enjoyed, and inspire deeper connection. Whether that connection is deepened between you & your soulmate, your best friend, or even your own inner voice. Love is the answer to most of the questions asked in this world. Let the second volume in my seasonal playlist fuel you to feel alive.

Artwork drawn and edited by me & my humanoid Luke! Shoutout to all the epic artists featured!!

👽 Stay terrestrial, sapiens 👽

xx- Whit

Good Vibrations – Bellaire


This is not the first track I’ve posted by the versatile music maestro who calls himself Bellaire, and I can guarantee you it won’t be the last. Get these good vibes in your brain and by all means don’t be shy to gyrate those hips a little. Get loose with some orange juice!


Homegrown Artists Edmonton Sessions: Vol IV Arson

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 8.38.20 PM

Ryan Thompson (AKA Arson) is an old friend and a new(ish) face on the scene in Edmonton, and we at HKFL are stoked to present to you this exclusive mix for our April session. The guy has been grinding away, perfecting his craft and pushing himself forward in all the right directions. Give his mix a listen and don’t be surprised if you find yourself wearing that ridiculous bass face you only thought came out on the dance floor. I had a chance to catch up with Ryan and ask him a few questions about his past and present endeavours; check it out while you rock the jams!

How did you get involved with Future Roots and how long have you been DJing? 

When I got into electronic music I was instantly turned onto drum and bass by my older brother, who’s friends with Dean Phatcat and all the crew, so I instantly fell into frequenting their shows. I really got in both Dean and Donovan Dreadnoughts ears about wanting to be involved and wanting to play shows and I tried to help out with everything that I could. I started DJing about 5 years ago partly from early Future Roots and Funk Bunker shows and a need to explore a new path in music. Coming from a metal background DnB sparked my interest because of similar song structures and a rough, raw sound with real emotion behind it.

What’s the story of FunkBunker and YEGDNB?

Funk Bunker is a company run by Donovan Spilchuck AKA DJ Dreadnought, a friend of mine and the guy that officially got me involved in the yegdnb family. Yegdnb has evolved and seen changes as of late becoming a more serious collective with new members, approach to shows/parties, etc.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences, electronic as well as others?

I think the first band that really left an impact on me was The Offspring. I grew up on punk, ska, and metal bands like Rancid, Social Distortion, Streetlight Manifesto, Sublime, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Tool, Lamb of God, and Machine Head. Those are the ones that stand out when I skim my mind. As far as electronic goes I think if you know me you know Chimpo is my #1 pick. When I discovered him my style and sound took a complete left turn. I’d say the whole Richie Brains crew have a huge impact on what I make and play. There are so many names I could list and the list would change daily.

Which festivals/venues are you doing this year and which ones are on your bucket list?

I’m planning on doing all the homie jams like Odyssey Gathering, Reignbough Fiddle, Astral Harvest and try my best to get out to Basscoast for the first time. As for bucket list festivals: Snowbombing (Austria), Outlook, Glastonbury, Let it Roll, Creamfields, Sun and Bass to name a few.

How do you feel about the jungle revival currently upon us? 

I dig it. Drum and Bass is thriving right now and it’s nice seeing so many unfamiliar faces out at shows and repping DnB.

Finally, why Arson?

In short (R)-yan Thomp-(son). I like the short, to the point handles with 1 or 2 syllables.