River- Cee- Roo

Cee-Roo is a is a young Swiss multimedia designer and music producer who mixes video with sound to create something original. In 2012 he came out with a playlist called Memories that paid tribute to the biggest lost voices of our times, including Jim Morrison, Jackson 5, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles and Jimi Hendrix.

This is year Cee-Roo was ready to get his creative juices flowing again, so he left on a quest for some unused tones. He travelled down a mysterious river and collected sounds and encounters on his trusty tape recorder, which eventually gave birth to 12 new tracks that retrace and relive his epic journey. These 12 tracks make up the album, River, a travel diary with multiple influences whose groove will not only bring pleasure to your ears but ignite a fire within your soul.

So when you press play, let your mind do its magic, embark down the mysterious river with Cee-Roo or dream of your own journey with every new note you hear.

Peace and love


Stay by Erica Dee, Lars Moston, Matchy and Bott (Martin Waslewski Remix)

Ok, full disclosure, I think this is the cutest damn song ever. Erica Dee humming throughout is absolute bliss. A mellow bassline rolls in quietly but gains momentum, a delicate snap, a steady and flavorful high hat, I think we have the elements of a musical summer romance for our ears. Im happy to share this one, I hope it makes you feel as giddy as it makes me.

“Tell me you’re happy to see me in a way I see you too.”


Good Times feat. Isis Salam by Lars Moston (David Keno Remix)

Good times, good times, good times, good times. How about that first crunchy bass wobble, gets you paying attention hey? Check out the remix of this tune by Tausenduhr as well for a totally different flavor. Happy jams lovelies,


Pygmy Up – SunSquabi (Cloudchord remix)

This is definitely a Monday kind of jam. I’ve really been diggin this remix of an already great tune. It’s got that funky guitar that makes my head float around atop my shoulders, horn instruments to pack that summer time punch, and liquid flow to ease the hardest days into pleasant evenings.

Kick back, relax, and let this song get you in the zone for an excellent week.


Rabbit Hole – Justin Martin & Charlotte OC (Lenny Kiser Remix)


I have so much love for this track. Let us start with the original released April 2016, a powerful musical composition paired with Charlotte OC’s fierce voice, that had me on repeat. Justin Martin – a name you know if you love house and frequent the West Coast festival circuit – has been producing for over a decade. His style is unique, he offers delicate sounds that put you amongst the clouds but delivers edgy basslines that light up the dance floor. Now Lenny Kiser, a tech house producer out of San Fran, takes Justin Martin’s downtempo track and spins a tech house remix. Moody and addictive, this one shakes my core. Seriously, start here and go down the rabbit hole beat cruising Martin’s music, take it all the way back to 2003 with “The Sad Piano”. Catch me on his dancefloor at Basscoast this year, I am counting the days. Use Spotify or purchase the track on Beatport if you want full length, this track in its haunting entirety isn’t up on Soundcloud or Youtube yet.