Bellyache (Marian Hill Remix) – Billie Eilish

Fresh of the press, this track will leave you weak in the knees. Marian Hill is a duo based out of Philadelphia which consists of Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol (whoah, this chick is a BABE). Does anyone know if they are romantically together?? Anyways, they devised their name – Marian Hill – from characters in the musical The Music Man. The first track these two produced together Whiskey was written and produced in Jeremy’s parents basement, within 12 months of it’s drop they had recorded and released their first EP Play in 2013. The duo strives to create a sound which is a mixture of blues, jazz, heavy bass, and sultry vocals. After getting listed on the Rolling Stones “10 New Artists You Need To Know: March 2017”, I’d say these two are on their climb to the top pretty quickly.

My love for Marian Hill is found in the salacious and bold sounds of Samantha, and the uncomplicated heavy hitting bass lines. This remix does not disappoint.

Best enjoyed with a stiff scotch and a single ice-cube.

xx – Whit

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