Black Magic – Donkong

This song falls into a really interesting combo of genres: world fusions & dark bass. Sinister synth is in fact what the Donkong duo called it. Donkong is signed to a really interesting independent label called Crispy Crust, based out of Munich. Crispy Crust actually just released a few tracks with our own homegrown Smalltown DJ’s!! With a super interesting take on music, the label eloquently laid out their perspective and I thought it was definitely worth a share:

“For us, sound is like food: savoury, nourishing and spicy. Our headquarters are the cuisine where all the flavours come together to form the perfect menu your ears have been craving all your life.”

This is definitely a track to enjoy while power eating a protein bar on the way to a long sweaty bass show. Why on earth does it have only 1500 plays?? Because the world needed a site like, just sayin.

xx- Whit