In The Wild (Remix EP) – Vespers

I listened to this EP six times trying to decide which song I wanted to highlight. Finally, I chose all of them, because every song offers something different. The drops are unsuspectingly epic. The beats are bass heavy and glitchy, yet have a distinctly positive/happy vibe to them. The human experience does a beautiful remix with Fun Farmacy, which makes for an easy hip sway. Vespers is signed to Westwood Recordings, which host many of the HighKicks Crews favorite artists such as Moontricks, Skiitour, Defunk, Opiuo ect. ect. This label obviously produces some gold. Also, Vespers is Canadian from Victoria, BC.

Fun Fact: The word Vespers comes from the Greek word ἑσπέρα (“hespera”) and the Latin origin which means “evening”.

So tonight, enjoy your evening cup of tea with a heavy dose of Glitch.

xx- Whit