Fractal Forest Mix- Shambhala 2012 – Stickybuds

I couldn’t think of anything better to represent a musical orgasm than a Stickybuds set. Stickybuds has been a resident of Shambhala’s Fractal Forest for the last 12+ years and is a definite crowd favourite. His stoke level while playing is always contagious, and his flow flying around while he head bangs never gets old. The tracks throughout this mixtape are mostly produced by Stickybuds, and include a unique mixture of funk, reggae, drum n’ bass, broken beats, and exclusive acapella selections.

This set is from Shambhala in 2012, and is my favourite thing to come from the funky fresh production of Stickybuds. It not only brings pleasure to my ears but also makes my brain melt, bringing back the memory of dancing with by best friend Whit, alongside Stickybuds himself on stage while he ROCKED OUT this epic set.

Do yourself a favour, the next time Stickybuds is playing a show in your city or a set at a festival you’re at, make time for this high spirited, funky, west coast Canadian babe and all around genuine human.