Monkey Bars – Kibosh

This song is drenched in summer time vibes. Kibosh…. is an artist without any kind of avaliable profile!!! With less than a thousand followers on Soundcloud I am urging you to check out their entire EP – Back N Forth – which was released on Scour records out of the UK a handful of days ago. Scour records (home to DJ’s such as HongkongPingPong, Metamorphosis and Fat Harry) was started by the artist Spinforth while he was “scouring” for fresh unheard of tracks for the website. It became such a hit that it naturally developed into the current digital label – Scour Records- which showcases and releases what they call:

“The creamiest of the crop of The Scour”

Enjoy this tune with a large glass of sunshine and a twist of bare skin.

xx- Whit