Subsonic – Longwalkshortdock

There is no such thing as a track by LWSD that can accurately represent just exactly what goes down when he plays live. Dave King is the genius behind this music in which he has carved out his own genre called Deathno. To sum up his style in my own words, it’s a combination of crunchy death metal synthesizers mixed with old school video game noises mixed with a big badass dude screaming into a mic (that’s actually a stuffed shark) and slamming his fingers on numerous soundboards. Also, this guy dances harder than most of the people at his shows, which when combined with the insane visuals that also accompany his performance it amounts to an incredibly high energy, high volume, and highly memorable experience. This track is so old but so good and I much prefer it to the original by Excision…if you have proper speakers crank this tune LOUD and be sure to have a post game stretch 😀

• Keto