Love Is A Bitch/Have Some Drinks – Two Feet

Synchronicity: the idea that events in life are meaningful coincidences – in the sense that in some way things are all connected. As I opening my soundcloud news feed this morning I knew before hand today’s beats would be full of vibes that express/connect me to this wild and crazy roller coaster called life. Slowly but surely I feel like I am learning to tune in to the synchronicity before it even happens.

These songs were first on my feed. Basically gift wrapped in sexy blues and sultry vocals.

Two Feet has blown up. This is the 6th/7th song he has ever released. Ill never forget reading his own comments as people showed intense affection for “Go Fuck Yourself”. He is from Harlem, NY, and is clearly a music boss.

Sit back and enjoy the shit out of these fresh tracks released today.

xx- Whit


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