Roll Da Beats (Old School Edition)- Rusko

In 1985 Rusko aka Christopher Mercer was born and soon become a legend in the dubstep scene. Raised in Leeds , Rusko had the pleasure of being surrounded by a very musical family vibe mixed with the heavy reggae and dub sounds from the scene. After spending around 10 years making future dub, Rusko moved to London to open up more musical opportunities for himself. At this time he started veering away from the dark and serious sound of dubstep and bringing his own highly driven energy and fun approach to the dubstep massive. This side of Rusko is very evident during his live shows. Wearing only his socks, he dances just as hard as anyone in the crowd and has the most contagious energy.

This track, Roll Da Beats, is crunchy, grimy, and so filthy it will make your face scrunch up while you get low and stomp it out.  Make sure you have an apple in hand because after listening to this track you will have an extensive urge to make the biggest, baddest crunch you ever did hear. So get ready , turn the volume up high, and have the most nasty dance session where ever you may be.