Strawberry Bubblefunk – Megan Hamilton & The Bermudas (Grid Division Remix)

One more tasty treat for you this glorious Friday. I hope everyone reading this has as beautiful a day as I do here on Vancouver Island. Gaaad Daaaamn do I love this island.

This track was too good not to share. So glitchy, so smooth, good lyrics, sexy whistling. The beat drops and you’ll definitely want to get those feet moving. I hope you are all in excellent company this weekend, and can spread some good old Canadian Pride for our nation’s 150 Years.

xx- Whit

Going Down – Maddy O’Neal

An up-and-coming artist if I do say so myself! This total babe is pushing her way to the top in a male dominated profession. The vibes of this song carry with it elements of that swanky guitar that Two Feet is distinguished by. It has rolling baselines and plenty of depth. Maddy O’Neal is a TOTAL BABE and has been seen throwing down at sonic bloom, summer camp fest, lightning in a bottle and handful more this summer. I imagine seeing her throw down would be such an empowering experience.

Anywho, this is my favorite track off her very recently released EP – Parallels. See if you can dig that swanky guitar like I do.



Butterfly – Swingrowers (Phibes Remix)

Something about summer really ramps up the amount of swing music I listen to. What can I say, I’m a sucker for polka dot dresses, suspenders, red lips and a little hand jivin.

Swingrowers are signed to the Freshly Squeezed label and they are in fact a quartet based out of Palermo, Italy. Retro vibes fitted with that new age electro shit the kids like- it’s a musical smoothie that’ll keep you feeling refreshed. If anyone out there wants a swing dance partner and loves a good hip shake, holla atcha girl!

xx- Whit


Grid Division – Stick Em’ Up w/ Charlie Beale

Here another funky tune for you. Grid Division has been a part of two of my favourite record labels, ‘Adapted Records’ and ‘Westwood Recordings’. This song starts with a snapping finger and ends in a wobbly drop down low with all of those lovely instruments in the between. Enjoy.


Bullets (ft. Little Dragon) – Kaytranada

If you’ve never heard of Kaytranada definitely check this guy out in more detail. Sick style with multigenre-al tendencies! Annd he’s a Canader which is also pretty sweet. This one’s a chiller soo please enjoy accordingly
Taker easy,