Pleasensations Vol.6 – Neon Steve

Neon Steve is an amazing, well recognized, West Coast Canadian (Victoria in fact, swoooon) top spot holder on Juno, Hypemachine, Soundcloud… the list goes on. More than his labelled accomplishments and high energy sets which keep the crowd guessing as his style draws from all corners of the musical world, this playlist series – Pleasensations [pronounced Ple-sen-sey-shuns] – makes me believe in that altruistic love connection. He labels the genre babymaker (ha!), but it transcends the sultry sounds and makes my grey skies blue. This is the 6th volume and I HIGHLY encourage a peruse through the rest of them. They each categorize a chapter of my life with nostalgia, as a childhood smell or old picture would bring you directly back to that place and time. May you enjoy these beats as thoroughly as I did, do, and will continue to.

xx- Whit