Moan – (remixed by Trentemøller)   &    Evil Dub – Trentemøller 

I have two songs here for you today, both at least ten years old. ‘Moan’, in it’s original form was one of the very first electronic songs I fell in love with, and lead the plunge down my EDM rabbit hole. I’ve posted this version (remixed by the creating artist) because the female vocals add such a nice touch. Check out the original as well. This 42 year old producer out of Denmark looks like he could be a hired assassin, and the music he creates fits that persona. His sound is dark and moving – it’s the kind of music you can close your eyes and get lost in. I find most of his songs tell a story, with minimal lyrics so you know the song title is very deliberate to the mood he is trying to set. Deep bass with slow layers build suspense until he let’s go and the songs pickup into something completely unexpected. ‘Evil Dub’ is my favourite. I mean how many songs take 3:31 to finally drop?

As to answer my previous post – no, these are not bangers. This is your Sunday night meditation sedation. Just what your brain has been cravin’