Crazy- Subvert feat. Cara May & Nightshade

Subvert is a bass heavy DJ and grandfather in the dubstep world. Although born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, he has played around the globe and earned his spot as a resident of the Village stage at Shambhala Music festival.

When Subvert started DJ’ing 16 years ago, a wise DJ told him something that stuck with him, “You’re not just playing music, you’re taking people on a journey.” Subvert clearly took this to heart and has proven this through his effort to cross boundaries through multiple styles of music to show people genres don’t matter as long as the bass and love are there.

This track, Crazy, was released in 2011 and has since been one of my favourite tracks to come from Subvert. The female vocals, lyrics, and heavy bass line is infectious and makes my inner bass face come out in full force. If you press play and don’t get low, head bang the beat, or feel the bass hit your face…. we can’t be friends.

JK!!..kind of

Much Love