Syncopated Love Letters – Stickybuds

Syncopation: melody in which one would take a series of notes of equal durations, cutting the duration of the first note in half, and shifting the rest early by that half duration. This results in a rhythmic pattern which occurs on strong beats or strong parts of the beat, instead of on weak beats or weak parts of the beat.

Love Letters: Thing you write to Stickybuds because you love him, because he is sexy, because this mix is unreal, because he let you crash on his couch with your best friend during a festival circuit once…

Now that we adequately understand the terminology associated with this post; the mix itself is unlike anything he has ever published. It follows along the lines of the Pleasensations vibes by Neon Steve, the Chillax mixes by Funkanomics, or the Coma Dose vibes by Mt. Doyle. This mix takes some quintessential Sticky songs and downtempo remixes them. If you follow my posts you  know I love those lovesauce vibes. Here is another one for your swanky summer nights with the person(s) you love.

Glitter & Sunshine,