Little Bird – Danny Kolk

Welcome Danny Kolk to DirtyBird Records. This producer’s roots are in Brazil, he’s gained momentum with labels in Sweden, Germany, France, and Mexico and has received praise from some big names such as Claude Von Stroke (California) and Fractall (Brazil). His tunes are certainly covering some ground.

A little slower than a typical 4 on the floor banger from DirtyBird you’ll still find strange synths, a robotic vocal, and couple bird chirps for something cute.





USB 2.0 – Pretty Lights

Ouuuu Pretty Lights just sent out a nice treat here! Rarities from songs he plays live! If you have never seen him live you should move that to the top of your list. His shows are incredible. It is one of the most fun shows you will go to. His music is always so moving.

Enjoy this playlist friends!


Lost In Your Light – MJ Cole ft. Dua Lipa

This glorious song should be enjoyed on repeat. I don’t know how you could listen to it and be unhappy. MJ cole is a long time personal favorite – which is how I stumbled a crossed this beauty of a track. Dua Lipa is an english artist & model who got into the limelight early and even has a documentary film created about her called See In Blue. More than anything this song makes me want to dance on water and be a fucking ray of sunshine.

You do what you want with it – but I’ll keep spreading love & light the whole day through.

xx – Whit

Lowtemporary Vol. 3

👽Hello Fellow Music Aliens 👽

Gramatik started this label called Lowtemp which he boasts was “created by artists for artists”. What a great slogan. Music is meant to be shared, experienced, and be the soundtrack for the epic moments in our lives. I listened to this compilation 4x since I bought it yesterday and couldn’t bring myself to pick one, two or even three key songs to share with you. Therefore, I was basically obligated due to music quality to share it all. As Gramatik expresses – and I would have to agree – he provides a platform for innovative forward thinking artist to share their sounds with the world. This compilation is fresh off the press and for sale on Itunes for 10.99 – get it in ya! I feel some deep connection to the song It Ain’t Love – for no particular reason today it left me feeling swanky and full of life.

Let music move you & let your Friday soundtrack include these gloriously smooth beats. These tasty ear-treats pair well with a bottle of wine and your Soul-Family. To each of the members of my soul-family out there (you know who you are) I love you more than words can express.

xx- Whit

Shout Out To All The Artists:

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Broke Ass – Samples

Ill never forget Samples village set at Shambhala 2011. It was his first time playing in Canada and he brought it! For those that do not know Ben Samples is a producer from Denver. Has a distinct sound (very evident in this track). Very glitchy and usually heavy with the bass!

Get your Friday started the right way. With your morning cup of BASS

“Just get on the floor if you got that booty!”