Sub Dude 4- DJ Surgeon

Hey party people! Its been a while but I’m back in full force with a banger mix by dj surgeon aka Rob Cutler out of Whistler, BC. This epic human is a local favourite in his town, he loves playing good music and making people dance and considers being a DJ a hobby rather than a job. He has a large library of mixtapes and usually puts out a new one every month, so get on Soundcloud and start following this legend!

Festival season is in full swing, which means costume planning, creating new playlists for the drive, and  going through the tickle trunk to find old lost treasures. What better way to get pumped up than throwing on a groovy, get down house mix!? That’s exactly what dj surgeon gave me when I pressed play on this bad boy. As I starting packing for Astral Harvest, it had me booty shakin’,  head bobbin, and using clothes as props while I threw them in my bag with a stoke level of 10 out 10.

If you have a festival or a summer adventure to pack for, do yourself a major favour and jam out to this magical mixtape while you get packed and pumped for wherever you may be going!

Happy Festival Season My Loves!