Take Me To Your Leader – Walker & Royce

I have checked back to SoundCloud 4 times today – waiting for Walked & Royce to publish this song on a platform that wasn’t beatport so I could share it with you. This song played at the Justin Martins set at Basscoast festival in the beautiful region of southern British Columbia last weekend. I SCOURED the internet for it only to find it was set to be released today! (Naturally I pre-ordered it and ate my breakfast to it this morning– sloppy shake drinking dance moves circa 7am on Vancouver Island- let me tell you).

This is the first single of the new album “Self Help”. The vocals are from another artist – Dances With White Girls – and the track is meant to encapsulate a trip or a tale of a venture beyond this world. Dances With White Girls and Walker Royce are New Yorkers and this track dropped live on the Dirtybird label, which my crew has come to know, love and fucking rage to.

If you catch me on the outer solar system this summer, you go right ahead and take me to your leader. Unless you are the leader… then take me to your chambers.