Diluted Brains – REZZ

What is this sound?! REZZ once again dominating my ear drums. This song just touched town today ladies and gents. HighKicks is on-top of the freshness for you. For such a small, pleasant, humble human, Isabelle Rezazadeh creates one of the darkest, heaviest sounds I’ve come across. Closing your eyes to a REZZ song is like being in a horror based video game – first, your curiosity slowly leads you up the crumbling steps into the dark corridor that is the mausoleum entrance. As you make your way down the seemingly endless path filled with cobwebs and dusty stone your heartbeat starts migrating to your throat. Now you can hear it pounding in your ears, almost a melody that persuades you into the darkness. Then, as you turn the corner, time freezes for one split second and your eyeballs nearly burst from your skull. ZOMBIES! Now whip out that shotgun and fluently, confidently, with a smirk on your face, annihilate those bastards! Oh yah, now this darkness isn’t so scary. In fact, I kinda like it here. Now, time for the next REZZ track and proceed onwards to level two of your video game!

Haha, was that too carried away for you? The answer is no, not with this tune it isn’t. Turn it up real loud and see what I mean. Enjoy


Ps. I made the game reference because Isabelle is also a nerd gamer like myself. She mentioned to the crowd when I saw her play a fairly intimate set for a couple hundred lucky folks that she came up with her track ‘Silent Hill’ whilst taking the plunge into a horror based video game herself. I know it says that on SoundCloud, but I promise I knew first 😉 I’ve attached this song as well in case you haven’t heard it.