Fly Beat – K+Lab

Banger, but really when are K+Lab’s tracks not? This dope human hails from New Zealand but has been a big presence on the West Coast circuit for a few years. Collaborations with Stickybuds, Alias, The Mic Smith, Sascha Vee, Delhi 2 Dublin, Fort Knox 5 display diversity but his style of glitch is hard and big. I was lucky to catch him at Motion Notion 2013, still one of my favourite sets to date. He stood up ripping a keytar and had The Mic Smith in the middle of the dancefloor throwing down his lyrics to “The MotherShip” (a timeless banger you must listen to if you don’t know it). With a heavy foot on the metaphorical glitch mobile gas pedal K+Lab’s contributions are one of the reasons why I love this genre so much.