Good Deeds & Funk the World 38- Everyman

Everyman oh Everyman, what a fucking legend. After seeing two solid sets at two different festivals from him I couldn’t help but fall in love. From his funky daytime set with QDup to his own more bass heavy hip hop set, it was nothing but eargasms for me. As indecisive as I am I couldn’t pick between a set from the Heart of Funk Canadian Tour with Fort Knox Recording artist, QDup and Everyman’s new solo album, Good Deeds… so you’re welcome, here is both!

One year after the tragic and sudden passing of Everyman’s best friend, Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado, Good Deeds was created and dedicated in his honour. Everyman takes an aim at a broken political system and rallies the next generation to rise up, all while still mixing in plenty of the playful nostalgia, biting humour, deep thoughts and the unshakeable optimism that have captivated humans around the globe.

Good Deeds is a very unique and rare album. It fuses the conscious “Golden Era” hip hop Everyman was raised on with the future funk he now mixes up during his deluxe DJ sets, to create a collection of his most personal songs to date that will have you drooling from the tip to the finish to get that full eargasm I was talking about earlier 😉

So whether you’re feeling the funk or hyped on the hip hop, make sure you have a change of clothes, cause these babies will have you wet no matter what!