Lowtemporary Vol. 3

👽Hello Fellow Music Aliens 👽

Gramatik started this label called Lowtemp which he boasts was “created by artists for artists”. What a great slogan. Music is meant to be shared, experienced, and be the soundtrack for the epic moments in our lives. I listened to this compilation 4x since I bought it yesterday and couldn’t bring myself to pick one, two or even three key songs to share with you. Therefore, I was basically obligated due to music quality to share it all. As Gramatik expresses – and I would have to agree – he provides a platform for innovative forward thinking artist to share their sounds with the world. This compilation is fresh off the press and for sale on Itunes for 10.99 – get it in ya! I feel some deep connection to the song It Ain’t Love – for no particular reason today it left me feeling swanky and full of life.

Let music move you & let your Friday soundtrack include these gloriously smooth beats. These tasty ear-treats pair well with a bottle of wine and your Soul-Family. To each of the members of my soul-family out there (you know who you are) I love you more than words can express.

xx- Whit

Shout Out To All The Artists:

@whynnel @adamdeitch @carneyvalmusic @jacksonbreitmusic @beat-fatigue@klabnz@teo-collori@anomaliebeats@gramatik@adrianlau