1234 – k?d & Medasin

18.1k hits on SoundCloud in one day! This track is fire. If you have an ear for house music, you’ll love this collab between k?d and Medasin. From the light intro to the deep drops, they cover all bases. I could stomp around and shake to this all night.

Later – busy stomping.


Small World- Def3 (Produced by Late Night Radio)

Happy Hump Day Humans! I am super stoked to share this colossal collaboration of the Canadian hip hop word smith, Dj and visual artist, Def3 and legend producer and entertainer, Late Night Radio. Being an old school hip hop lover, this album really makes my heart happy. It’s so nice to see new hip hop hit the scene that brings you right back to the golden era and all its glory.

Danny Fernandez, the man behind the wicked words, charming face and coolest childhood you ever did hear about. From 4 -10 years of age, Def3 lived on board a hospital ship with his mother, father and brother. At age 6 he began performing in a song and dance group called Ship Kids that entertained hundreds of people in some of the world’s poorest nations where Mercy Ships offered free surgeries and medical help. In his preteen years the family travelled to 27 different countries including the Caribbean, Europe and West Africa, giving Danny a very diverse view on life. With both parents having musical backgrounds, with latin rhythm from his Chilean father and a flair for words from his mother, Def3 naturally had dreams of producing his own brand of music from a very young age. After living in East Texas for a year, the family decided to move to Regina, Saskatchewan, where Danny really began to make his mark and became a major contributor in the Saskatchewan art scene as a one of a kind MC, super sick spray paint artist, and the most dope, down to earth DJ.

This month Def3 dropped the album, Small World, which has entirely been produced by Late Night Radio, who includes Alex Medellin and Tyler Crawford Unland (drums) from Denver, Colorado. With profile production, innovative experimentation and determined dedication to the craft, Late Night Radio have been earning recognition of fans and peers of the electronic music melting pot scene. Over the years Alex has put in his time in the industry, making his way up in Texas, California and now Colorado. His success today shows not only his ability to create tasty, top-notch original tunes, but to also bring them to life on stage, promoting what he preaches -guided by the mantra “emotion over energy.”

With biography’s like these, it’s no wonder this album is so magical. Thank you Def3 for creating new hip hop that has soul and groove and to Late Night Radio for continuously breaking the boundaries in the music scene, producing fresh, new tunes and adding  genres under the umbrella of the electronic scene.

Hope you enjoy!



Alignment With Change – Adam Deitch

Give the drummer some!

This fella’ needs some recognition. Adam Deitch is best known rocking the drums for ‘Lettuce’ – the funk band consisting (not all at one time) of 10 total members since its birth in 1992. What Adam is not yet best known for is his solo record label ‘Golden Wolf Records’ he’s been working on since 2014. This post is just 30min of content, so sit back and relax. No need to buckle up. This guy has that old mellow hip-hop feel to unknot a hectic day. He blends his groove with jazz, electro soul, funk, rock & roll and blues. It’s some damn easy listening if I do say so myself. I titled this post with the most recently released track, ‘Alignment With Change’ just hitting the world yesterday. ‘Boom N Pound’ hasn’t even had it’s first birthday yet. It’s just the right amount of funky. Adam is the kind of guy that takes all of his most chilled out, most played songs and compiles them into twenty minutes of relaxing waves to give any room a stress free feel. The mixtape ‘Late Night Collections’ is only a couple years new and one of three longer jams Adam brings to the table. Do yourself a favour and throw this artist on your follow-list.

Cheers to a late night of this kinda shit.

– Mat

Wubula – Dirt Monkey

Calling all Bass Heads!!! Time for some heavy hitting dubstep brought to you by Dirt Monkey! Hailing from Boulder his new album Wubula just got released! And this is some hot sh*t!!

The first song Mile High Club sets the tone for album in a big way. Energetic, and ya, you guessed it HEAVY! Wonky Kong has a Beavis sample so you know that its going to be good. Wubula brings that wub sound that is not in too many dubstep tracks these days (at least in my opinion).

Warning is a great track to really move to. The bpm is perfect to mash side to side. The drop in Slip n Slide reminds me of the first dub I listened to. That wub wub always gets me shoulders poppin!

Then its time to take off with Lift Off. If you see a title like that with a dubstep track you know you are in for a ride. A nice slow build up leading into a drop that will make dancefloors explode!! Hello bass face!!! Earthbound is next and  its glitchy/wobbly sound makes you want to distort into catatonic positions that might make people think you need medical help.

Space Jelly takes you down a dark windy road full of high frequencies, bass and probably aliens…..its about to get weird.

Parisian Punch is my favourite of the album. The beginning leaves you wondering where it is going to go, to be honest I thought there was going to be a little swing thrown in here. But then the drop hits and BOOM! Its glitchy, heavy, and awesome.

The album ends with Blow up the Spot and it does exactly that! Boulder has produced in different genres for the last 10 years, ranging from hip hop to break beat and he has been dipping into the bass and it is refreshing to the dubstep scene. Enjoy this album Bass Heads!

The album can found on spotify and on apple so here are their links:



Also his profile on apple to hear all of his music


And click here for his soundcloud Dirt Monkey

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