Cobra (Philly Blunt)- Serum & Voltage

CDOG on the blog with some drum and bass in your face! Voltage, a pioneer in the Jungle/ Drum and Bass scene and Serum the new generation and forefront of its continued growth and popularity have come together to create a mixture of innovative crafted remixes and fresh new production that will surpass your satisfaction.

Philly Blunt Records is a part of many record labels, producers and DJs that played an integral role in the evolution of the genre. Before the birth of hi- speed internet they collected new followers show by show, town by town, and country by country. The label was created to tag alongside Bryan Gee and Jumpin’ Jack Frosts’  already very popular V Recordings in 1994. Fast forward to 2016, with just 25 releases in 22 years Bryan Gee decided it was time for the Philly Blunt’s debut album project. Now 2017, Voltage and Serum have their newest creation ,Cobra EP, ready to be released and raged to.

Solidly sticking to its quality over quantity formula mixed with prime production skills to match their high energy DJ sets it is no surprise that between them they have gained attention from around the world. This flashy four track EP will have you throwin’ down with the biggest grin on your face from start to finish. So get ready and be prepared cause your about to get struck by a Cobra!

Much Love Music Lovers