Elation – Bass Physics

I am not one to often publicly swoon, but this Denver based producer named Arja is incredibly handsome, wow. Arja, if you ever slide on down to Canada, feel free to let me know.

Now that I’ve completed my girl talk, let’s discuss the real reason I am posting this track. Bass Physics has a super unique style of electronic flow: the guitar & piano comprise a strong skeletal system while the beautiful melodic electronic sounds fill in the organs. The subtle human sounds breathe life into it’s soul. This song makes me internalize what a sunrise over the mountains would feel like if I was a tree on the top waiting for the sustenance of the incoming rays to grow upwards and onwards. Inspired as I would be, moving inch by inch towards the sky.

Not only do these sounds move me, the video (deserves a whole hell of a lot more than the current 36 views) represents some powerful synchronistic connectivity every intense music enthusiast can relate to. I urge you to give this video a watch, then give this artist a follow on his soundcloud.

Keep your chin up kids, the world is a little brighter with music like this in it.

xx- Whit

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