Sunrise Sermon – Destructo

Shipfam was sadly delivered some devastating news. Our Hardfather Gary Richards aka Destructo has been forced out of Hard and all of their events, including his crown jewel Holy Ship. For those that do not know what Holy Ship is it is one of the best and crazy experiences you will ever have. It’s so amazing that Shipfam do not stop talking about it. The Ship will not be the same without Gary but we will still make 2018s sailing one for the books! It is why Shipfam is the best!!

One thing that made the ship so special was the sunrise Sermon Destructo played. Always starting late in the evening (or early in the morning) he takes you on a 3 hour journey through house music. As the sun rises it is the closest thing to a religious experience you can get while partying in the middle of the ocean. Sadly this is the last Sunrise Sermon that will be held on Holy Ship so I thought it was needed to share. Shipfam or not enjoy this amazing Sermon!

In Gary We Trust