Mass Manipulation – REZZ 👽

The invasion I’ve been waiting for! My future wife Isabelle touches down with her newest album – ‘Mass Manipulation.’ What better way to kick off a Friday than cranking up with some (as my good pal Shaun Caron coins) dark techno alien music. It’s tough to pick a favourite out of these 8 tracks when each has such a different flow and feel, but simultaneously webbing together to create a very solid album. If you’re a REZZ fan, you’re going to love ‘Green Gusher.’ If you’re not a REZZ fan, watch out. This is my future partner we’re talking about here! We unofficially tied the knot last time she abducted me. 

That’s it for today folks. – I’m off to lay in a hammock for 2 weeks along the west coast islands. Catch you in a couple weeks!