Solar Therapy- Moontricks

Are you ready to fly into a galaxy far, far away and land on planet Moontricks for some serious solar therapy? Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a fusion of majestic mountain folklore and elevating electronic bass music.

This West Coast Canadian dynamic and dreamy duo originate from the West Kootenays. NOG, a producer, DJ, harmonica, and keyboard player brings his hip hop background, electrifying energy, contagious smile,  and simple yet essential bass to the group. On guitar , vocals, and banjo you have Sean Rodman. This dude sure knows how to serenade his audience with every soulful strum and captivating choral. Together these two make a perfect melting pot of roots, blues, and electronic music, bursting boundaries in the festival scene. Their smooth, sexy, soulful sound and signature style will captivate audiences of every shape, size, and colour.

So do yourself a favour, give these guys a follow, and let your self drift off to their planet full of feel good music so you feel their sunshine on your mind.

Blasting Off