Your Mother Was Cheaper/Twisted – Two Feet

Happy Holiday Monday Babes.

This is not the first Two Feet post i’ve written, and it certainly will not be the last. The first two songs from the Momentum EP were posted here and titled Love Is A Bitch/Have Some Drinks. Two feet dropped two new tracks this month to completed the EP’s release and those are Your Mother Was Cheaper/Twisted. Twisted is dark and enchanting; Your Mother Was Cheaper has more of a reflective tone, with a touch of wistful longing. There are many reasons why I have a steady love for this artist, but namely his musical prowess, diversity, swanky guitar, and sultry lyrics. Knowing he is from New York and connecting the lyrical story written through these tracks, a picture is painted of a powerful dance between two humans spanning the moonlit alleys, central park, the city skyline and the infinite starry dark sky.

The captivating story Two Feet tells through his music is always one of intriguing complexity. I can confidently say the momentum EP and the First Steps EP were crucial pieces of the soundtrack to my last 12 months – as I am closing the Island Chapter of my life and setting sail for the next upcoming Mountain Chapter. The release this new EP seems fitting, as it will likely help carry me through to whatever comes next, graciously making it easier to leave the ocean with a touch a momentum.

xx- Whit