If There Ever Comes A Day – GRiZ (IHF Remix)

Where to even being with this carefully crafted masterpiece.. The original track “If There Ever Comes A Day”  was released on the record Good Will Prevail in 2016 by the infamous GRiZ himself. GRiZ is an all time favorite of several HKFL’s crew members – so it is safe to say we have a fair few life memories linked to this track. How welcomed this remix was to my ears today; It’s indescribable. IHF (Imagined Herbal Flows) has absolutely knocked this track into the outer solar system.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you hear something at the exact same instant that you feel a rush of emotion and the track seems to speak to you – or for you? Explaining something that you cannot even quite translate to words?

Imagined Herbal Flows has a very distinct sound that resonates through each track he has touched- and this is no exception. He has taken the original and layered in smooth futuristic vibes, served up with some zero gravity sensations, while maintaining the integrity of the original & sultry sounding saxophone. IHF has a significant presence in the electronic scene, and is a personal favorite so I might be biased (but I am not wrong). This track was released on a remix album called Good Will Continue off All Good Records out of Detroit – which is worth a download for sure. Self proclaimed music influences to IHF’s include Flume, Odesza, Bonobo, Tycho, Gramatik and I can imagine many more. This humans unique style and epic track record make him very high on my list of artist I hope to see live one day. If you haven’t treated your eardrums so his sounds before, give him a follow on SoundCloud: Imagined Herbal Flows

Until next time, enjoy this work of art and have a glorious day.

xx- Whit

Did that track leave you wanting more? Don’t worry, I read minds.