Why Did You Lie – Carlie Hanson

Listen.. I may have lied in the past – but I am certainly not lying when I say what a DOPE first track we have here – self-released by Carlie Hanson. Nice crispy clean future bass sounds, smooth lyrics, a little tropical twist in the middle. Girl, you’ve got what it takes. This track makes me feel like I am dancing in the wind, wrapped in silk scarves- on the edge of the beautiful cliffs  that line the West Coast of Canada. The lovesauce genre is my guilty pleasure, and this is my kryptonite. Ladies and Gentlemen, this new artist is worth keeping an eye on in the upcoming months, I expect to see great things.

That is all for this glorious monday. Give this babe a follow to see what she is up to next: Carlie Hanson

xx- Whit