Alignment With Change – Adam Deitch

Give the drummer some!

This fella’ needs some recognition. Adam Deitch is best known rocking the drums for ‘Lettuce’ – the funk band consisting (not all at one time) of 10 total members since its birth in 1992. What Adam is not yet best known for is his solo record label ‘Golden Wolf Records’ he’s been working on since 2014. This post is just 30min of content, so sit back and relax. No need to buckle up. This guy has that old mellow hip-hop feel to unknot a hectic day. He blends his groove with jazz, electro soul, funk, rock & roll and blues. It’s some damn easy listening if I do say so myself. I titled this post with the most recently released track, ‘Alignment With Change’ just hitting the world yesterday. ‘Boom N Pound’ hasn’t even had it’s first birthday yet. It’s just the right amount of funky. Adam is the kind of guy that takes all of his most chilled out, most played songs and compiles them into twenty minutes of relaxing waves to give any room a stress free feel. The mixtape ‘Late Night Collections’ is only a couple years new and one of three longer jams Adam brings to the table. Do yourself a favour and throw this artist on your follow-list.

Cheers to a late night of this kinda shit.

– Mat