I Will Wait – DJ Quads

DJ Quads is Johan Lilja and he’s from Sweden. I can’t really tell you much else about the guy other than the fact that he makes wicked beats – lots and lots of wicked beats! You can scroll his Soundcloud page for ages and not find the end. Lots of hip hop, jazz, old soul, swing and such to keep your malleus, incus and stapes vibrating. Get it in ya!

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Trutothegame – BRYX

BRYX is a boss. The guy’s from Nelson but now resides in Victoria, and if you’ve been lucky enough to see him spin you know it really is something special. In the world of electronic music it is rare to see a DJ spinning as flawlessly and raunchily as this guy. He scratches every itch on the wheels of steel and his snippets, samples and overall style are deep rooted in the classic hip hop and instrumental scene. Listening to a BRYX mix whilst working out might just make you pull a muscle, so do yo’ dam stretches folks! Get this guru all up in your ears.

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Kooky Music EP – Jamie Jones

Attention all House Heads! I’m talking to those who wait through the 2 minute intros, get off on subtle basslines, chase the high hats, and groove to devious layers. House music for your experienced ear.

Ok so we have Hot Creations, a record label from London introduced to me years ago by a one of my favouirte music pals in this world. Co-founded by Jamie Jones and Lee Foss in 2010. House music is their baby. From managing sister labels HOTTRAX and Emerald City to Paradise in Ibiza these guys know Club Culture, they know how to make your dancing soul move.

Kooky Music is cool. Katy B’s vocals are featured on the opening track, Sound of Music. She’s no stranger to sharing her musical expression within the EDM scene. Her voice blends with a low, cruisey drop, and delicate claps. Kooky Chords is dancey. The first build up dropping in with, yep you guessed it, Kooky Chords. Positive Pressure is a strut through an aliens liar. Ending with Parallel Universe this track winds it all down with a tiny menace in the background.

This EP is Hot Creations 100th release. Cheers to the house this label produces.


Ps Wikid album artwork. Very nostalgic feel with the pencil crayon texture.


Say it – Flume (Illenium remix)

Fresh off of winning remix of the year at the EM awards this is my favorite remix of the year hands down. Illenium managed to take this already amazing and very sexual track by Flume and increase the emotion enough to make you feel this song in an even more intense way. This shit is baby making music so grab your loved one, light a candle, grab some lube and put this on repeat. Enjoy 😉

The Great White Caron