Escape – Jamie Berry feat. Jemio

This is so off-brand for Jamie Berry. In true Jamie fashion tho, it’s still phenomenal. Here in our HKFL family each author has one or two artists who is their personal “dibs” all the time new track posts. Jamie is my only permanent request. This dudes sounds flood every inch of my soul with life. His new EP is out in December and I don’t know if I have ever been more excited to hear all that stupid christmas trash in the grocery stores- because that means not only snow but the Frenzy EP are on route. Anywho, let this track fill you with… your personal favorite filling (from the inside out) — whatever that may be. 😉

xx – Whit

Mercy Falls – CharlestheFirst

CharlestheFirst (big fan of the name) resides just south of the border in Lake Tahoe, California. True to the West Coast sound he blends hip hop with psychedelic experimental melodies. His beats drop determinedly fused with mesmerizing layers from a dream state. He is a beautiful blend of bass face and the eyes closed sway.

Mercy Falls is off of a 6 track EP called The Reach released in August. I’ve been on repeat with Mercy Falls for a couple days but every track is phenomenal. In May he played alongside Tipper, July/August he collaborated on shows with Clozee (check out the track The Mist for something beautifully uplifting), he played The Grove at Shambhala this year, his summer was stacked with festivals (Lucidity, Enchanted Forest Gathering, Lighting in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom, Oregon Eclipse), and his fall schedule continues to be stacked with shows. A driven musician, which is subtly reflected in vocals he layers into his tracks (listen closely).

Well CharlestheFirst, its been a pleasure! Please keep Edmonton or Calgary on your radar for a show. We’d love you!!






Secret Place- CloZee (Megan Hamilton Remix)

This track is not a new face to the blog, but the producer/vocalist behind this sexy, smooth track is a new addition to the highkicksfacelicks family. Megan Hamilton is one bad ass chick. Although born and raised in Minneapolis, she has found herself bringing a European influence to funk in the USA, scoring herself a debut on Bristol’s Ghetto Funk label.

Megan’s voice brings so much depth and emotion to this track, she had me hooked from the first word. If you haven’t already noticed, I’m all about the female vocals, so when I came across this gem I had no choice but to turn the speakers up loud and rock the fuck out. Her raw, raspy voice along with the inviting instrumental breakdown and beloved head bobbing baseline had me playing this song on repeat.

After several releases this year with Buygore, Ghetto Funk, Audiophile, and more, Hamilton is branching out, exploring new genres and absolutely  killin’ it! If you like variety within an artist, Hamilton is your girl. She serves up a large spread from Ghetto Funk to Future Bass, Trip Hop, Glitch Hop, Electronic Hip Hop and everything in-between. So be my guest, go to her Soundcloud page, check out her menu and eat up!

Peace and Love



See you again – Tyler, The Creator (Louis Futon & GRiZ flip)

Well I have always thought that creating music with GRiZ would be an incredible experience. Griz shared this experience while himself and Louis Futon creating this amazing flip to Tyler, The Creator’s track “See you again”. It looked like they were having such a fun time making this and it shows with what they did to this already great song.

It starts off with a nice funky beat and slowly builds as more instruments get layered in like a delicious cake. Then GRiZ hits us with that sexy sax and it’s all good from there! Enjoy this chilly yet groovy and funky track!

The Great White Caron

I Will Wait – DJ Quads

DJ Quads is Johan Lilja and he’s from Sweden. I can’t really tell you much else about the guy other than the fact that he makes wicked beats – lots and lots of wicked beats! You can scroll his Soundcloud page for ages and not find the end. Lots of hip hop, jazz, old soul, swing and such to keep your malleus, incus and stapes vibrating. Get it in ya!

• Keto