If I Could Find – GoldFish

Father forgive me, for I have sinned. It has been 9 days since my last submission. I promise to make this one extra delicious to satisfy the ears of all HFKL listeners. Now, not that this is an excuse, but I did just graduate university last week, and my new gypsy chapter begins today – with everything I own neatly rammed into my car so I can take the ferry off this absolutely stunning island I have called home for one year. Enough about me. Lets talk about Goldfish. This is a South African duo which mixes in live instruments and floods the scene with sounds of saxophone, double bass, some swanky basslines and sexy synths. It’s hard to imagine having a bad day once you’ve listened to this track. Can we talk about how fucking cool the duo is outside of simply the tracks they produce? Apparently before all this album creation stuff “Dom and Dave” were just two surfers/music students living in Cape Town. Once they did decide to do the album stuff, they locked themselves in a bedroom and just hashed it out – instruments in hand.

I am happy to say this is only the second single of their new album Late Night People – so we can expect many more tasty  ear treats in the very near future. Whaahooo! Stay tune for those.

That’s all for today kids, give Goldfish a follow & send me positive new chapter vibes if you are feeling it.

One Love – Whit