Hydration Mix Series No.16 – Mt. Doyle

This mix just lit my soul on fire. I can barely stop grooving for long enough to write these words for you – but it is important for me to highlight the epic features of this mix.

Firstly, the Hydration Mix Series is a Canadian West Coast monthly DnB mix release platform. As you may have guessed – if you are the proud owner of some grey matter – this is the 16th episode. There are several DJ’s which rotate through the different episodes, and those epic bastards are Erski, Mt. Doyle, Sinesthetix, Surgeon and Willisist. If you get weak in the knees for DnB, connect with Hydration Mix Series on Mixcloud to be inundated monthly.

Secondly, let’s talk about Mt. Doyle — because I love him. Not only are his mixes some of the most played in my music repertoire, he is the artist of the top three most played sets out there for my snowboarding crew. We do this super rad thing where we all download the same sets, and press play at the exact same time and dance to the drops whilst rocking out on our boards. When big drops hit, we toss bigger tricks. Still Jivin is the most played set we have tandem shredded to ever. On top of that, Mt. Doyle also plays in the band called Illvis Freshly, which are homegrown Victoria. I had the pleasure of seeing those beauties kill it several times last year, and absolutely slay the Champagne/Floaty party at Tall Tree. Mt. Doyle even serenaded the crowd with some vocal grooves, winning every heart in the crowd. This dude can really do it all.

DnB is my favorite genre of all time, and it makes me so happy to follow a mix series so tailored to my taste. This might be IS – the best mix released yet. Give it a listen and make sure you give Mt. Doyle a follow on Soundcloud. He NEVER disappoints.

Stay Classy Kids – XO Whit