Re: Stacks – Bon Iver (JPOD Remix)

Jpod is a staple in the West Coast Canadian scene, and our festivals are all blessed to have him sprinkle in his full flavored sounds. He tends to  sample from vintage tracks and update them with new age bass and a hint of spicy seasoning. This bootleg is one which has been found in a few of his released mixes, and has also been used to serenade the crowd at festivals such as Basscoast, Shambhala, Oregon Eclipse, and many more. This beauty has a soft spot for spreading love, and I personally have seen a proposal during his set at Basscoast a few years back which had the whole crowd in tears. It was magnificent. This track will bring you up and breath life into your soul. Make sure you give him a follow on Soundcloud and stay up to date on his track releases.You can download this wonderful track if you just follow this link:

One Love – Whit