Stealing Fire – Bass Physics & Evanoff

Typically, I love to tell those of you reading my posts about the artists, the label, the origin of the sound – but there is simply no way I could explain this song better than it’s creators.

“The concept of “Stealing Fire” alludes to the idea of humanity utilizing certain tools and practices to step outside oneself and see our life from a new perspective. Ever since the birth of consciousness, individuals have constantly searched for ways to escape the confines of society and reconnect to the roots of their consciousness by attempting to see the world in a different light. We resort to anything from meditation, to substances, or to travel to decontextualize our perspective on reality.” – The Artists Themselves.

Shifting perspectives is a huge part of developing a unique & rich version of yourself; let this track guide you on the road to self discovery. Give Bass Physics a follow on Soundcloud – because he is epic. If this track has left you wanting more feel free to check out another epic track we featured Elation – Bass Physics.

One Love – Whit