Feel it still/Stardust/ Exhale/Marrakech – ZHU


Although our author Mat already dropped ZHU’s track Dreams I wanted to share with you the rest of the EP and his newest track Feel It Still.

ZHU holds a special place in my heart as it reminds me of HKFL’s very own Jams Renko. We both fell madly in love with ZHU’s sound when he dropped the track Faded. ZHU remained anonymous to the music world for the beginning years of his career because he wanted to be judged by his music alone. He is the producer and the singer on his tracks. I did a touch more digging about the anonymity to only to find out ZHU’s manager made the comment “Some of us don’t even know the limitations of our own prejudice. Rather than put those limitations to the test, we’ve created an engaging way for fans to focus on the music rather than who’s behind it.” To be honest, it fucking shocks me that in this day and age we haven’t moved past racial/size/sex discrimination. Come on people, we have one set of DNA that runs through every living breathing creature on earth. We are one. Let’s stop fighting each other and start moving forward.

Rant Over. Drop this EP and pay attention to the vast variation between songs. What a rad dude ZHU is. Spread Love Today – Whit