Zombie – The Cranberries (Subvert remix)

Its throwback time! The setting is at Shambhala music festival back in 2010. It was my first year and Sunday night was all about the village for me. Subvert, Nero and the mighty Bassnectar one after the other there was no way I was leaving. Subvert threw down one hell of a set and before he was done let us know he had one more track for us.

Shambhala is a special festival. There is a magical feeling on that ranch that you just don’t get anywhere else. Special moments happen only at Shambhala. This song was one of them. If you ask vets it might be one of the best ones.

Right when the song started playing everyone around my friend and I linked arms and began to sway back and forth singing the first verse. Everyone in the Village were linked together. You could feel all of our energies moving through each other. The build up to the course ramped the energy up and when the chorus explodes so did the Village. Just writing that gives me goosebumps.

Subvert did such an amazing job on this remix. Kept the dark mood of the original with bass that only elevates how emotional this song is. If you were in the Village that night here is a trip down memory lane.

The Great White Caron

Want to hear the whole Shambhala set? I’ll make it easy for you