Regulate – Warren G feat. Nate Dogg (K+Lab Bootleg)

K + Lab needs no introduction. He is a massive presence on our West Coast scene and some of my friends favorite electronic artist in the world. If you have ever been blessed with a K+Lab show (where your face was not melting off) you’d have noticed he plays a keytar. This is a keyboard slung around like a guitar. He stomps around the stage bringing the freshest beats from his fingers. This bootleg is a little off brand for the typical K+Lab stomp — and I FUCKING love it. DnB occupies a healthy 33% of my musical heart so this track headed straight for my workout playlist so I could push my physical limits to these beats. Shout out to the artist’s Soundcloud: K + Lab and to the epic management: Danio Management.

Get Ready To Rock – Whit