Without you – Dexter Love (BLŪM Remix)

“I have to learn how to love with you ~ I have to carry my cross without you”


As mentioned before I am keeping a close eye on this BLŪM character because I can feel some kind of musical explosion coming his way. The vibes of this song run deep through the veins of anyone who has had to rebuild after the loss of a relationship – so.. basically every adult human ever. It’s a tale of resilience and power through life’s bullshit – laced with future bass sounds and some epic mountain artwork. True to my LoveSauce genre, I fell in love with this track in seconds flat. Dexter Love is the other artist on this track and he is from New York. From the looks of his soundcloud his musical venture might be fresh – or simply a fresh alias. Either way give these gentlemen a creep on the Cloud: Dexter LoveBLŪM and our previous content on BLŪM – Glass Elevator. 

Buckle up for this floaty gorgeous tune.

xx- Whit