Stay Fresh – FunkStatik

Let me introduce this beautiful motherfunker to you – Matthew Rygol, FunkStatik, brings us new music out of Denver, Colorado. His profile on SoundCloud describes this as ‘music to make you feel.’ Would it be a stretch to say this entire album reminds me of GRiZ and his early work? – I think funking not. It’s got layers, bassy drops, fresh samples cut in and flowed together with guitar amongst other instruments into a glitchy product that I funking love oh so much.

I had a hard time picking which song I like best. ‘Come Baby’ blasts off with that head-nod vibe then drops down into a glitchy coast, hugging that bass line with funking sexy finesse. You’ll really dig the guitar in this song.

‘Stay Fresh’ landed the favourite for me, after a few run throughs to be totally sure. Guys and gals, this album is dope! Funk! This track has that uplifting jam sound while again sticking to the bass waves. Stay tuned for more FunkStatic. He’s officially on my radar, and I highly recommend you go give him a follow.

Stay funking fresh kids!