Jaws – AC Slater feat. Acid Mouth

Calling all Night Bass fanatics!!! The captain has some new music to tear up dance floors across the globe! If you have never seen AC Slater I highly suggest you do so. Don’t wear anything heavy because it is guaranteed to get sweaty. One of my all time favorite sets I have seen was AC leading the Night Bass night in the Black and White lounge on Holy Ship! That was a An incredible night of house music with AC really stepping it up!

“Jaws” is featured on his new release Outsiders which has many collabs with some pretty great names. If you had to guess the album is fantastic. Jaws is one of the songs that really caught my attention. It opens with a lot of different sounds moulded so well together none clash. The drop is grimy. Lip curling, booty shaking grimy. Get up for this one you melomaniac! Ya I’m talking to you!

The Great White Caron