Recorded Live @ Fabric – Dj Marky

“SOMEBODY MAKE SOME NOI-SE!!” … Not a problem with Dj Marky 🙂

20 minutes of drum ‘n’ bass gold (a quick listen). This is a portion of a 3 hour session Marky did at Fabric. Ladies get your swagger on! Female vocals (an obvious hook) and an MC that drives the hype. This mini mix is outstanding, this DJ is a legend. During my romp around Outlook Music Festival I caught the tail end of his sundown set and it catapulted vibes to the next level. The set was Marky & Friends. Him and his MC’s brought such a kickass comradely vibe to the show. Flipping the deck upside down and scratching to singing along with the last track there wasn’t a single face that didn’t have a smile. Just look at the smile on his face in the photo. Cool dude. Catch Marky at The Needle Vinyl Tavern in Edmonton on October 8th.

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