Last Recorded Performance – Pumpkin

On March 25th, 2016 the world lost a very talented person. Nicholas ‘Pumpkin’ Alvalrado passed away in a car accident while traveling from festival to festival, delivering his timeless melodies and spreading love to those around him. Pumpkin grew up in the music world and for over a decade was behind the turn table serenading the dance floor with his feel good flow – deserving the coined genre, ‘LoveSauce’. His purpose through his sound was to put us back in touch with the spirituality of music, how it connects us, and reminds us that music can be the most powerful medicine. In this short YouTube video below, it’s clear in such a short introduction how awesome this dude was. This kind of music for me is meditative; I listen to his songs or mixes when I crave positive creative thought. It’s easy listening. It makes me smile and ground my mind when it runs too fast in a strange direction. Through his music you can feel what was in his soul; I find it incredibly calming.

On March 21st, just a few short days prior to this tragic accident, Pumpkin performed at Serenity Gathering Festival in southern California. His set was recorded; one last gift to us.

Watch this video, then enjoy this graciously long mix by this amazing artist. If more people lived their lives like this guy did the world would certainly be a happier, less chaotic place.

Grab your loved ones and let this music take that love to a deeper level.