Sunny – Sir Sway (Featurecast Remix)

Featurecast is a long standing legend in the world of electronic music. He has played all over the world and released tunage on numerous labels, growing and harvesting his funkified genre-blending style over the past decade. He’s most certainly a treat to see live, and you should keep an eye on his tour dates because he doesn’t shy away from small clubs either.

Sir Sway on the other hand is someone I don’t know much about, but judging by a quick scan at his Soundcloud bio, the guy’s a total boss. He opts to sum it up in one phrase: “Happy Music for Happy People.” Now that’s a motto I can get behind. Himself and DJ Incontrol run an events coordinating crew called BepobSwing – “As organisers, Sir Sway and Incontrol focus their attention on the expectations of the public, creating a subtle blend of sounds from jazz, electro-swing, funk, disco, with the Roaring Twenties aesthetics, the unexpected neo-burlesque And contemporary dynamics.” They also run , which is worth more than just a casual check out. Electro-Swing is alive and kicking hard my wonderful humans!

The track sampled by Sir Sway and Featurecast was sung by James Brown, the Godfather of Funk. However, the original cut was created by Bobby Hebb, and you can listen to live version here. I can’t help but smile and sing along – it has a contagious energy surrounding every note. This song is easily one of the most covered tracks in the history of modern music, with versions done by such artists as: Ray Connie, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Cher, Tom Jones, Jamiroquai, Del Shannon, Dusty Springfield, Frank Sinatra, Herb Alpert, Mark Ronson…the list is endless!

Ok. Enough writing for today…tune in and jam on to this little diddy. Just make sure to clear some space on the floor and watch your elbows on the fine china PRE-flail.

🙂 Keto