Hands Up (Raise Your Fist) – The Funk Hunters (ft. Leo Napier)

New big tune! Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith – aka The Funk Hunters dropped a single from the new upcoming album releasing soon. It features the amazing vocal artist Leo Napier and thumps with a strong baseline around the lyrics.  These guys make Canada proud in the electronic music scene taking their big bass, funky sound across the world from Burning Man to Envision and of course to our own Shambhala Music Festival. These guys rank among my favorite artists. Take a listen and you’ll find out why. 

This track is a party. This track is loud and groovy. This track is a bump n’ grind get low kind of sound to take your weekday stress away. 

Enjoy this one loud enough that the neighbors complain. 


**Fun fact – did you know Nick Middleton founded the record label Westwood Recordings back in 2013? This has now turned into the most thriving record label in the electronic scene on this side of the country. Stay tuned for the Funk Hunters new album release and more info on how Westwood started and what they’re all about.