Festival Mix 2017- Burchill

Here at HKFL we love supporting new kick ass Canadian DJ’s and Burchill just happened to meet all the criteria. Fresh off a 2017 tour of the Canadian West Coast festival circuit, you may have seen him this summer killin’ it behind the decks.

Back in 2008, Sean aka Burchill, decided to dip his toes into the electronic music world and had the magical experience of attending Shambhala Music Festival. During those amazing days he discovered his passion for electronic music and music culture. In 2015 he won a DJ competition hosted by BassBus and since then has been a recurring act on the talented BassBus roster. Just this year, Burchill was crowned champion of the 9th annual Dirty Tones DJ competition by using his ability to genre hop and tell a fluid story in a short time span.

This new mix is guaranteed to satisfy every limb on the body. From the super groovy funk to the dirty house baselines, it will get your booty shakin’, elbows movin’, and head bangin’. The fusion of classic rock remixes and fresh new bangers is both impressive and refreshing. I see big things in the future for this dude and will definitely be getting a ticket to his next show in town.

Peace and Love!