Thriller – Scandroid

Happy Halloween Melomaniacs! Fitting for the day upon us I am sharing not only an awesome take on a classic, but also the need to share this amazing new project from Detroit producer/artist Klayton called Scandroid! If you have been following my posts you will see a commoin theme of retro synth sounds. Well as his bio says on his soundcloud Scandroid is Klaytons “love letter to the 80’s”. He has done an incredible job infusing a new sound using the classic 80’s synth. His album Monochrome takes you on a journey fusing the 80’s with the present. If you dig the sound will you for sure love the album.

Thriller is a classic. Normally classics are almost untouchables since people hold them on a higher level. Well dont worry about this one because Scandroid did an UNREAL job remixing this. He really makes this his own, not an easy thing to do. If you are throwing a Halloween party tonight, or wanna dance while waiting for the trick or treaters put this one on!

And seriously check out the album. Click on that link up there. Dont be afraid 🙂

The Great White Caron