FTS (Hard mix) – Showtek

Its throwback time! This time were going back to the first rave I attended. Green Energy at Edmonton Events Centre in 2008. This exposed me to the rave culture and I fell in love wth the scene. That night was incredible. Swedish House Mafia were the headliners which is a good way to set the bar for your first rave. I recall being wayyy over dressed but danced my ASS off! If you went to these raves you’ll remember the Sky Lounge was always set for music of harder styles. I did not know this and when I stumbled in I was blown away. The music was hard, fast, intense and everyone was raging with huge smiles on their faces. I dont remember which Dj played this track but when it came on everyone went nuts, so I knew it was going to be a good one.

This is one of those hardstyle songs you show your friends if they ask about this genre. Showtek were masters at making some fast, hard music. They also were great with the messages they put in, and this is probably the best. The rant is epic, speaks to the scene, and if you played this at a hardstyle show you bet your ass people would go nuts! This may not be for everyone but this song helped me dive into the electronic scene. Enjoy!